The Top 10 Most Influential Plants Gathered from Across the Globe

The Top 10 Most Influential Plants Gathered from Across the Glob

Bamboo is one of the most famous plants gathered around the world.

Plants are all around us and the human race has a long relationship with them. They are a huge part of global culture, both revered and enjoyed. Here are 10 famous plants from around the world that have played a big role in our lives.


Tea originated in Asia. It was grown in China for millennia before becoming popular around the globe. All tea leaves, except for those derived from fruit, flowers, and vegetables, come from the same bush evergreen plants:  Camellia sinensis.


Rice is a staple around the world, but a particularly integral part of Japanese culture. For thousands of years they have been using all parts of the plant to make everything from mats to meals to beauty products.


This shrub grows in warm climates all over the world. It is used to make a paste used for body art. In many Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cultures, brides are painted with henna as a part of their wedding ritual.


Despite not originating in India, Marigolds have a lot of significance there. These sunny colored blooms are often worn as necklaces or scattered at Indian weddings.


Roses are a flower associated with romance, sensuality, passion, love, and beauty. There are many colors and each has different meaning.


Known as the national flower of Ireland, Shamrocks have numerous ties to Irish mythology and culture. According to one myth Shamrocks can undo the spell of a leprechaun. It’s said they bring luck to whoever grows them.


Oak trees have been a symbol of strength around the world for centuries. Today, oak is a part of many holiday traditions around the world, for example the Serbian Christmas tradition of Badnjak.


Holly is a key part of Christmas decoration for numerous cultures. Every year millions around the world deck the halls with it.

Maple Trees

The leaf of this tree has been the national symbol of Canada since 1965. Canadians love not only the beauty of these trees, but are proud of their sugar and maple syrup industries.


Bamboo is believed to be lucky and is especially sought out during the Chinese New Year. Placement of bamboo is integral to feng shui.


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