Guide to Choosing Trees for Parking Lots and Other Paved Areas

Guide to Choosing Trees for Parking Lots and Other Paved Areas

Trees make a huge difference when they are planted in parking lots and other paved areas.

Trees make a huge difference when they are planted in parking lots and other paved areas. Aside from adding some extra oxygen to the air, they also brighten the space and bring a touch of nature to the city. While trees that are planted in residential yards don’t need to stand up to much more than the weather, trees in commercial spaces need to be prepared to weather tough conditions. Here are some of the best trees for installation in parking lots and other paved areas.

What Challenges Do Parking Lot Trees Face?

Many of the challenges that trees in parking lots face occur directly as a result of the construction process. At the start of making a parking lot, topsoil is removed. Subgrade is compacted and then topped with layers of crushed stone and asphalt that is compacted. Since the tree-nourishing topsoil was removed and placed with things that don’t offer many nutrients, like stones, it can be difficult for trees to thrive.

Aside from the obstacles introduced by the construction process, trees in parking lots also suffer from a lack of water. Parking lots are designed to quickly drain and get rid of it, so they won’t receive as much as they would in a residential yard. Parking lots also get very warm in the summer heat, thanks to their dark color, so trees need to stand up to hotter and drier temperatures.

What Trees Are Good Fits for Parking Lots?

While it is difficult to find the right trees for parking lots, that doesn’t make it impossible! These trees are known for tolerating heat, drought, compact soil, and salt. They also are known for not bearing fruit or making a mess in the parking lot. Our top five parking lot tree picks include:

  • Elm trees that are disease-resistant and very salt tolerant
  • Green vase trees which are strikingly beautiful and have a high tolerance for wind, pollution, and compacted soil
  • Crape Myrtle trees that have beautiful flowers and actually enjoy the heat reflected off of parking lots
  • Littleleaf Linden trees which stand up well in the face of pollution, poor drainage, and compact soil
  • Red maple trees which are a common sight throughout this area.

Trees and Landscaping from Honeysuckle Nursery and Design

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