Keep Your Landscaping Bee-Friendly!

Keep Your Landscaping Bee-Friendly!

Here are a few effective ways to keep your landscaping bee-friendly.

Most people want to do everything that they can to keep the bees away, but others wish to create a space that is more welcoming to the bee community. There are 4,000 species of bees in the United States alone. There’s an even bigger community of people who find them to be intriguing and fascinating flying insects. Here are a few effective ways to keep your landscaping bee-friendly.

Trees and Shrubs

Maintain a significant number of trees and shrubs on your property. Woody plants are great for attracting bees because they provide a valuable and sufficient source of nectar and pollen. In the early spring, bees depend on maple, poplar, oak, and willow trees. Deeper into the season they gravitate toward redbuds, cherries, and crabapple trees. In the heat of summer, locust trees, basswoods, and sumacs become the main source of nectar and pollen for bees. A great variety of these trees will keep the bees buzzing throughout the spring and summer.

Avoid Double-Flowered Plants

Flowers that have been bred to wield extra flower petals for visual appeal aren’t so appealing to bees. Flowers like perennials and flowering woody plants have little to no nectar or pollen. Those flowers essentially become useless to bees, making them move to other landscapes. Stick to single-flowered plants to feed hungry bees.

Diversity is Key

A variety of plant species that will bloom in succession will keep the bees coming to your property. Bees are active from early spring and through the fall. To remain bee-friendly through their active seasons, focus on maintaining forage plants from March through October. Add witch-hazel of crocus plants for the early seasons and a variety of plants with blooms carefully scheduled through the rest of the year.


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