Getting Rid of Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Getting Rid of Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Keep algae out of your pool this summer!

If you’ve been neglecting your pool care a little too long, you might begin to notice a buildup of green or floating algae. While algae are relatively easy to kill, the process can take multiple chemicals and several days to complete. To prevent future problems we recommend making sure to establish and strictly follow, a maintenance plan. If you need help developing a program or want to pass it along to professionals, Honeysuckle Nursery and Design is here to help! In the meantime, there are several ways to get rid of pool algae, today we’ll share one of the more common options.

Kill Algae With Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the most common algae killers out there; often algae blooms will begin because your pool doesn’t have enough algae to start. To start your cleanup plan,  you’ll want to shock your pool with a hefty dose of chlorine. This will quickly and efficiently sanitize the pool; it may take a few days to completely kill the algae, or longer if the conditions are severe.

Shock Your Pool

When you shock your pool, you may need to use a different type of chlorine than you do for routine maintenance. You should always use a liquid product intended for use in pools, and it should contain sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, or lithium hypochlorite. Keep in mind that all of these chemicals are explosive and flammable. If you have hard water, you will want to avoid calcium hypochlorite. Lastly, avoid tablet or granular chlorine as these have ingredients that should not be used in large quantities.

Brush and Vacuum Thoroughly

It’s essential to completely remove as much of the algae as possible to help the chlorine do its job thoroughly. To do this, start by making sure to brush all the surfaces of the pool, with particular attention paid to the steps, behind ladders, and every nook and cranny. Once the algae have all been killed (it will turn a brown shade) make sure to vacuum thoroughly. At this point, you will want to brush again and perform a second vacuuming. Make sure to brush and vacuum the pool thoroughly and regularly to prevent future build up.

Keep Filters Clean

Once you’ve killed your algae and gotten the worst of it cleaned up, you’ll want to make sure to thoroughly clean your filters as the dead algae may cause a blockage. If you have a D.E. filter, you’ll want to run a backwash cycle. For cartridge filters, you’ll want to remove the filter and spray it down with a hose at high pressure using a treatment of diluted muriatic acid or liquid chlorine if needed.


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