Lawn Care Tips Just in Time for Summer

Lawn Care Tips Just in Time for Summer

Although you might have been tending the lawn during the spring, the summer is when your landscape will start flourishing.

Summer is on its way, and you know what that means! Although you might have been tending the lawn during the spring, the summer is when your landscape will start flourishing. This means you’ll have to take even better care of it. Here’s how.

Start It Up

You might have already taken your lawn mower out once or twice this spring. All of that rain has helped nourished your lawn, so make sure your lawnmower has enough fuel to keep going. By now, you should have de-winterized your lawnmower and other lawn care equipment. If you need new ones, it’s time to go shopping and take advantage of spring and summer sales offered by retailers.

Get Rid of Debris

Leaves are popping up on your trees again, but sometimes, they might still drop off. You didn’t necessarily have to rake the leaves in the fall, but they might present problems now if they prevent the grass from getting enough air and water. But you can use ground up leaves as a form of mulch if you have to, too.

Inspect the Soil

Be sure to inspect the soil and check on current pH levels. This way, you can find out what nutrients are hidden in your lawn and what you can do when it’s time for the next step in the lawn care process, adding some more fertilizer.

Use Fertilizer

Last but not least, be sure to use some fertilizer. Even if you dislike the smell, there’s no question that it can benefit your lawn. Start with one bag at a time, and then spread it around your lawn, either with a handheld spreader or with a special attachment for your riding mower.



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