How to Keep Wildlife Safe Around Your Swimming Pool

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Keeping wildlife safe around your swimming pool is an important responsibility of all pool owners. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be hard.

We have established that swimming pool safety is important for people and pets, but it is also important for your local wildlife. Water is the crux of life, which means wildlife is often drawn to backyard swimming pools to get hydrated. Unfortunately, they don’t understand the danger that a swimming pool presents to them, which means pool owners should have safety precautions put in place for them.

Pool Fences Are Necessary

In our article about pool safety tips, we discussed the importance of a sturdy pool fence. A quality pool fence will protect children and pets from accessing the pool when no one is around to supervise them, and it will help to keep wildlife out of your pool as well.

Unfortunately, many fence styles won’t keep small animals out effectively, so you’ll need a backup plan if they are able to gain access to your pool.

Safety Along the Edge

One of the most popular methods for keeping wildlife safe in and around your swimming pool is to invest in animal saving escape ramps. These are simple floating devices with a weighted end that holds them in place so that very small animals can jump onto them and get out.

While escape ramps are incredibly helpful for small critters, larger animals won’t be able to use them effectively (and will likely sink them). The ASPCA recommends placing knotted nylon ropes along the sides and securing them to the pool edge. Having the knots sit on top of the water gives larger animals, such as squirrels and possums, something to grab onto and lift themselves out of the water.

Wildlife Emergency

If you experience an emergency situation where a wild animal finds its way into your pool before you have these safety precautions put in place or a very large animal ends up in your pool, there are a few things you can do to help.

Small animals: For little critters, such as frogs, chipmunks, or squirrels, you can bring out your pool skimmer to scoop them up and out of the pool.

Medium animals: You can use a partially-inflated pool float and anchor it to the side with a cinderblock or other heavy object to help medium-sized animals escape on their own.

Large animals: A pool fence is so critical because there’s no real safe way to get larger animals out of your backyard swimming pool. Adult animals, like deer, should be able to escape on their own if they can get to the shallow area. If you think the animal needs help, it’s best to call your local wildlife rescue service and let a professional handle it if possible.

While animals are exiting your pool, you can supervise them from a safe distance. They are often scared and vulnerable—they may be more likely to bite to defend themselves if they feel they are in danger. Give them space and time to rest, and they will usually be able to head out on their own after a brief respite.

If you believe the animal is in serious trouble, call your local wildlife rescue service for assistance. They can either offer advice to help you intervene safely and effectively or send out a professional that can take the animal and give it the help it needs.


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