5 Water Features to Add to Your Landscape this Summer

5 Water Features to Add to Your Landscape this Summer

Water features add visual interest to your landscape design!

Heat and water create a perfect and harmonious balance in the summer. In fact, it’s the perfect time of year to think about some new ways to incorporate water into your landscape design. In addition to the green elements of your landscape, it’s another natural element that will turn your property into your personal oasis. Here are five water features to add to your landscape this summer.

Decorative Fountain

The simplicity of a decorative fountain is a water feature that could add a soothing atmosphere to your yard. Fountains have grown in popularity over the years because of their elegance and sophistication. Spending time on your patio or deck and hearing the soft trickling sounds of the fountain can help put you in a relaxing mood.

Backyard Pond

Create your own little island getaway with a backyard pond. Use it as a great way to keep your feet cool in the summer or even bring in some beautiful fish. Add some water-loving plants like water lilies and other natural elements that will help sustain your personal eco-system. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can keep your pond simple or go bigger.

Playful Bird Bath

A great choice for bird watchers, adding a bird bath is a great way to attract more beauty to your home. The bird bath will work great together with a bird feeder to give some of the beautiful, local birds in your region a cool place to relax before flying off to their next destination.

Impactful Waterfall

If you enjoy the rushing sounds of water flowing through rocks and boulders, installing an impactful waterfall will be a great addition. Whether large or small, a waterfall will add visual interest to your landscape and you could even incorporate it into the design of an existing pool or pond on your property.

Calming Stream

Build a stream that could wrap around your garden or seating area. You could even enhance it with outdoor lighting that would make entertaining an entirely new experience.


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