Creating a Budget for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Creating a Budget for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is a great time for a new outdoor kitchen!

Let’s say you celebrated the end of winter by adding a patio. But now that the patio is ready to go and you’ve been hosting parties on it, you want more. It sounds like you need an outdoor kitchen!

Think About What You Want

Like any home improvement project, adding an outdoor kitchen involves creating a plan. This plan forces you to think long and hard about what you really want. Do you want an outdoor fireplace? Do you want it to be simple or elaborate? These are all questions you’ll have to consider so you can account for everything you need to spend money on this summer.

Budgeting Each Part

The refrigerator is an essential part of your indoor kitchen, and when it breaks down, replacing it can be a nightmare. That might be part of the reason why you want an outdoor kitchen – an extra fridge to hold ice cream, meats, and veggies for backyard cookouts. Focus your budget on what you want to have, and anything left can be spent on upgrades.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen

Upgrades to your outdoor kitchen include seating areas and more importantly, lighting. Is your new patio open or screened-in? While an open patio might be more comfortable when it comes to ventilation, when you have a screened-in patio surrounding your outdoor kitchen, you can use accent and task lighting much as you would in the other kitchen inside your home. Eventually, you might want to think about making your outdoor kitchen even bigger. Add an island to sit at while you eat sandwiches and sip on lemonade. The possibilities are endless!


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