Water Features and How They Enhance Your Landscape

Water features promote tranquility, peace, and relaxation.

What could make a home more tranquil than water features? Okay, so maybe a child-free night could, but water features come in as a close second. If you find the sound of flowing water soothing, and you desire to create an outdoor oasis, then a water feature (or two or three) is one of the best gifts that you could give to yourself. Here is how water features can enhance your landscape.

Flowing Water is Excellent for the Soul

Water has excellent healing power. Clergy members, philosophers, and scholars have proven this fact to be true throughout history, time, and time again. Flowing water is a source of white noise that you can enjoy, which is why saunas and steam baths are so soothing. With the addition of a water feature to your landscape, you’ll promote tranquility, peace, and relaxation.  

Water Features Enhance Curb Appeal and Property Value

Water features are a unique and beautiful landscape feature that any potential home buyer will love. You increase the value of your property when you take the time to invest in home improvement. One quick way to deter a home buyer is by discussing how your home needs a lot of upgrades. When you take landscape design seriously and other home improvement projects seriously, then you’re more likely to close a deal. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, you can look forward to standing out among your neighbors and creating the ultimate outdoor oasis. 

Look Forward to Better Air Quality and Less Noise

Flowing water detracts nearby noise pollution and releases a continuous flow of negative ions. Studies show that negative ions offset the damaging health effects of air pollution. 

Water Features are Ideal for Animal Lovers

If you love being one with nature and wildlife, then you should know that flowing water attracts various animals such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits. If you want to provide them with a drinking hub and a source for birds to clean and preen their feathers, then adding a water feature to your landscape will help you have a mini Animal Planet in your yard. 


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