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Types of Composite Deck Materials

Now is the perfect time to get a new deck from Honeysuckle Nursery and Design!

Summer is almost here, which means it’s high time to redo your deck. Getting started now will spare you the headaches and long wait times you’ll put up with once spring ends and summer arrives. Plus, getting a new deck installed will probably take much longer than you think.

Benefits of Composite Decks

First off, let’s look at some of the benefits of using composite decks. There are fewer maintenance demands compared to wooden decks, which means no more worries about bleaching and staining on a yearly basis. Plus, unlike wood, composite materials won’t rot or be damaged by termites or other pests. And you won’t have to think about splinters presenting a safety hazard, either. Best of all, the looks of your new deck won’t be faded by the sun.

Types of Materials

Textured Grain: Textured grain is a great idea for your new deck. This is because the grainy look will help mask any scratches or scuffs that have been left behind by shoes or pets.

Two-Faced: With two-faced decking materials, you can present two looks at the same time – wood-grain and brushed.

Plastic-Wrapped: This type of decking material is covered in a special type of resin. It can resist fading, staining, and scratching damage all at once.

Embossed Grain: Unlike textured grain deck boards, these grains are set much deeper in the material. That’s because the design is pressed into the board instead of cut into it.

Basic, Mid-Range, and Premium

If none of these materials interest you, don’t worry! You have several other options to choose from as well. Basic boards are rough and deep-grained and only five inches wide. You can find these boards in three colors: gray, red, and brown. Mid-range boards feature grains that aren’t as obvious, but still, they look good at five and a half inches wide. Finally, premium boards can be fabricated to resemble tropical hardwoods and although they don’t look textured, they can still prevent slips and falls.


At Honeysuckle Nursery and Design, you will get construction and maintenance crews on site who have a minimum of 10 years of experience in all types of landscaping, hardscaping, and decking. Our designers will work closely with you to understand how you want to use your space so that we can make the most of your entire site. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and will work with you along every step of the way to be sure that you are happy with your new deck.

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