Transform Your Pool by Adding a Water Feature

Transform Your Pool by Adding a Water Feature

Which water feature will you choose?

Adding a pool to your property is a great investment that can provide hours of fun on hot summer days. If you are looking to enhance your pool, your yard, and your landscape you may want to think about adding a water feature to your pool. Water features add soothing sounds, fine details and a unique ambience to your pool. There are many water feature options to choose from, ranging from low cost to elaborate.


The great thing about fountains is that they can be designed to fit swimming pools of any size. Fountain can be custom made in a variety of natural materials like marble, slate, and stone. They can also be made from synthetic materials that resemble the real thing. There are a variety of visual effects that fountains can produce. Deck jets produce arcs of varying degrees, laminar jets produce illuminated arcs of water, bubblers produce bubbling streams, spillways can be used for a soothing running water sound and spouts are specifically for smaller areas, allowing for effect and water sounds.


Waterfalls provide the most soothing sounds and create an atmosphere of peace whether it is a trickle or a dash of water. Waterfalls can create a focal point in the pool and also create a fun play area for those in the pool. Waterfalls are available in all kinds of pre-made shapes, designs and sizes or they can be custom built. As with fountains, there are a variety of waterfalls you can choose from. Sheer descent waterfalls produce one single sheet of water, sheer rain can produce streams of water like rainfall, sheet curtains produce a wide curtain of water. You also have the option of customizing waterfalls with rocks and stacked stone.

Other Options

Slides can be an interesting option to add to a pool for added fun for children and adults alike. You can custom design your slide, or just pick out a pre-made option. If you’d prefer something a bit more relaxing, consider adding a hot tub or Jacuzzi. These options create a nice place for you to relax, unwind, and enjoy a nice view of your garden.

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