5 Reasons You Need a Swimming Pool this Summer

5 Reasons You Need a Swimming Pool this Summer

Owning a swimming pool has numerous benefits for your health, happiness, and family.

Owning a swimming pool has numerous benefits for your health, happiness, and family. Pools provide relaxation, opportunities for exercise, and more for you, your family, and your friends. Here are some of the many ways that owning a pool can benefit you.

Create Staycation Possibilities

A staycation is when you find ways to enjoy your vacation at home, rather than through traveling. Having a swimming pool of your own in the comfort of your own backyard creates easy access to a complete summer oasis. This means that spending your vacation at home will be delightful and relaxing without a large price tag.

Family Bonding

People have phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, handheld video games, and more now. Real world connection can be hard, especially when you are competing for your kids’ attention with video games and internet streaming. A pool in your own back yard will inspire them to drop the technology for a second and provide endless opportunity for old fashioned family bonding.


It is not uncommon for people to put on a few pounds after being cooped up inside all winter and indulging in rich holiday food. Having regular and easy access to a swimming pool all summer is a great way to shed those extra pounds and get back in shape. While many adults purchase pools for themselves for this reason, kids actually benefit from it a lot more. Kids often spend hours during the summer playing and inventing games in pools without even thinking about all the exercise they are getting.

Stress Relief

It’s no secret that swimming pools are excellent stress relievers. They provide opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and fun. All of these things can be just what the doctor ordered after a stressful day. The water is a natural stress reliever where you can take important alone time and also enjoy games and make memories with loved ones. In your own personal pool, you can do all of this without the stressors of sharing a public pool with strangers.

Hosting Events

If you are a part of any communities or groups, you can often volunteer your pool for fundraisers, parties, gatherings, and other events. This can lead to creating new friendships and relationships and maybe even provide networking opportunities.


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