Tips for Shoveling Snow from Your Deck

Deck Full of Snow

Winter snow is coming – learn the best way to shovel it from your deck so you don’t damage it!

Winter weather has a real potential for doing damage to your deck. Accumulation of snow, particularly during blizzards, weighs a lot and the moisture can seep into the wood. This can cause structural damage and lead to mold and mildew. However, you shouldn’t go into shoveling the snow from your deck without a definite plan. Shoveling snow the wrong way can also damage your deck. So here are some tips to avoid damaging your deck when shoveling the snow from it.

For Light Snowfall

The best way to clear light snow from a deck is to use a broom. A simple corn broom works best when snow is light and only a few inches deep. You can sweep snow under railings fairly easily. Most importantly, a corn broom will not scrape and scratch your deck or catch on any protruding screws or nails. Another easy way to clear a light snowfall on your deck is to use a leaf blower.

For Moderate to Heavy Snowfall

When snowfall is four inches or more, you’re going to have to use a shovel to clear the deck. Don’t use a shovel with a metal blade as these can easily do a lot of scraping damage to wood and even PVC and composite decking. Use a plastic shovel with a plastic blade and shovel parallel to the deck boards. Never shovel perpendicular to the boards as the front edge of your shovel is likely to catch on the edges and cause damage.

For Ice

If you need to clear ice from your deck, never chop at it with a shovel as this is a surefire way to also damage the decking. Use a melting agent such as calcium chloride or anything else that is safe for the material your deck is made out of. And if you have pets at home, always use a deicer that is safe for them if you should track some of it into your home!


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