Why is Stone a Great Choice for Your Backyard Landscaping?

Stone Water Feature

Water features look particularly beautiful when constructed using stone landscaping.

There is nothing quite like a carefully planned and executed stone landscaping project. Stone imparts life on a backyard and gives it a sense of elegance, beauty, and functionality. It is not, however, a project that can be easily completed by a homeowner alone. The key to making stone landscaping look natural and elegant is by hiring professionals that can ensure the project is executed properly from start to finish. So why else is stone a great choice for your backyard landscaping?

Creating a Natural Look

It can be surprisingly difficult to make stone look natural in a backyard. DIYers often lack the knowledge required to be able to lay the stones in a carefully planned way and their work can look like just an unnatural pile of rocks. Stones can also be used in the design and creation of waterfalls and other water features, but implementing this design naturally can be tricky too. Instead of coming straight out from the ground, the waterfall needs to look like it is coming from some kind of hillside. Finally, the natural effect of stone is complemented by bringing in plants and ferns which are placed around the stone to create a sense of authenticity.

Different Kinds of Stone

Stone is very versatile and can be adapted to serve your unique needs. Many kinds of stoning materials are available that serve different purposes. When choosing a type of stone for your backyard, many other considerations will be made, such as its ability to withstand erosion and the hardness of the material. Granite is very durable, so it is often used in water features and as decoration. Sandstone is softer and is used as a material for pathways. Limestone resists erosion, yet is also easy to cut, and is generally implemented in retaining walls.

Using stone can bring out the best in your backyard landscaping! Give us a call today and we’ll help plan out your next project.


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