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Creating the perfect deck takes a lot of factors into account so you get the best form and function for your needs.

The perfect deck can be a bit elusive. There are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account during the planning process, but a little bit of research and help from a professional can put things in perspective. When it comes to building a deck, take the time to ensure that the design is exactly what you want, but that it will also be the best choice for what you need.


One of the first considerations when planning your deck should be its intended function. Decks are built for all sorts of reasons, including as an outdoor living space, entertainment area, or pool surround. Knowing what your deck will be used for can be a big step in determining many of its other aspects so that it can serve its purpose.

It’s also a good idea to consider other aspects of functionality, such as built-in benches and storage areas that elevate the look of your deck while also making it a convenient place for many outdoor activities and tasks.


Your deck’s intended function will likely inform its size somewhat but think carefully about how big or small you want to go. Some people will want to go big to account for large groups of people, a grand design, or even several different areas that serve different purposes. This should be carefully considered against the size and design of your home, financial constraints, and overall viability, given your space. Your deck shouldn’t envelop the majority of your outdoor space but be a portion of it that is set aside for certain uses. On the other hand, a deck that is too small won’t have much functionality for even moderately-sized groups of people, and they’ll struggle to handle furniture additions. If you know you’re going to add furniture to your deck, don’t forget to consider space for foot traffic so everyone can easily get around.


Your deck shouldn’t look like a retrofitted addition to your home, and its design will play a big role in making it look like an intentional part of the house itself. Following your home’s design, aesthetic, and even size can help you create the perfect deck that looks like it belongs in your yard and offers a beautiful addition to your outdoor area.


Every deck should have ample outdoor lighting added to it. This is important for aesthetics, but it is also absolutely critical for safety. Whether your deck hosts adults, children, or both, finding your way in the dark is difficult. Outdoor lighting around your deck will prevent accidents, such as people falling down the stairs, falling into a pool, or tripping over furniture.


You need lights around your deck, but that doesn’t mean you can find ways to make it a bit more private. While one of the best ways to maintain privacy is to position your deck somewhere it isn’t easily seen, that’s not always a viable option. If your deck is visible from your neighbors’ yards, consider adding a screen (which will also keep bugs out) or planting tall plants and bushes that block the view of anyone looking in—one of the options to consider is bamboo, which is also good for dampening noise.


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