5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

Honeysuckle Nursery Outdoor Living Space

Designing a functional and beautiful outdoor living space for yourself and your loved ones can provide many benefits.

Outdoor living space has become premium real estate in recent years. Designing a luxurious and functional outdoor area gives you more room to live in, raises the value of your home, and can promote better mental and physical health for your whole family. When it’s time to design your outdoor living space, ask yourself some important questions that will make the process a lot easier.

Who will use this space?

One of the first questions you should answer is who the space should be designed for. If you want the space to be designed around you and your family, it will look very different from an outdoor space that is designed with entertainment in mind. Knowing who will use this space and what they will use it for is a great first step in determining its design.

How should the space function?

Once you know who will use the space, ask yourself how this space should function. A family space that is meant to bring everyone together and getting away from their screens could include an outdoor kitchen, a seating area with tables, and relaxing areas such as gardens and water features. An outdoor living space meant for entertainment might choose to have a swimming pool, fire pit, and possibly an outdoor bar. Once you know what elements you’d like to add, a professional landscaping contractor can help you with flow and spacing for the best result.

What materials would you like to use?

Landscaping is never as simple as picking out elements and getting started. Choosing between materials can be a difficult decision to make because they all come with their own benefits and drawbacks. A patio can be made of cement or natural stone. A paver walkway can also be cement or natural stone, but it can be broken up, surrounded by pebbles, or done as a solid walkway. Your desired aesthetic is important to consider when choosing which materials you’d like to use in each aspect of your landscaping design.

How much maintenance should it require?

Part of choosing your materials will be taking into account how much maintenance they require. As our lives get busier, many people will choose a low-maintenance option more often. However, some higher-maintenance choices can greatly elevate the look of any landscaping design and provide a much more luxurious look and feel. Consider the limitations and maybe save high-maintenance options for the most important areas of your design.

What is your budget?

Of course, all decisions need to be made in consideration of the budget. While it would be great to simply choose all of the best, most luxurious options and really go all-out on your outdoor living space, this isn’t always an option. Everything from flowers to pavers to your custom swimming pool needs to be priced out and figured into the overall budget so you can create a landscape design that looks and functions beautifully without causing yourself significant financial stress.


At Honeysuckle Nursery and Design, you will get construction and maintenance crews on site who have a minimum of 10 years of experience in all types of landscaping and hardscaping. Our designers will work closely with you to understand how you want to use your space so that we can make the most of your entire site. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and will work with you along every step of the way to be sure that you are happy with your new trees. Please be sure to visit our gallery page for unique, creative designs and inspiration!

Whether you live in Anne Arundel or Howard Counties, we can help you experience your dream space in Annapolis, Davidsonville, Millersville, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Columbia, and surrounding areas. We specialize in Landscape Design & Maintenance, Swimming Pools, Hardscape, and Natural Stone, Water Features, Outdoor Living Spaces, and more! Dream, Create, Experience with Honeysuckle Nursery & Design by calling 410-849-5119 or email us to schedule your free no-obligation estimate today. Follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzz, and YouTube!

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