Lawn Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn All Season Long

Lawn Mowing Tips

Mowing your lawn properly will ensure it stays green all season long.

Mowing seems like a simple job, but it’s one of the most important maintenance tasks you can do on your lawn. If you take care to mow your lawn with proper techniques, you’ll end up with grass strong enough to survive droughts and thick enough to keep weeds away. But if you mow incorrectly, your lawn will have trouble surviving and staying green. Here are some tips to ensure you have a healthy lawn throughout the growing season!

Avoid Scalping

Scalping is the process of cutting your grass too short. This leaves the lawn vulnerable to disease and the growth of weeds. Lawns which are consistently scalped have very poorly developed root systems, leading further damage during the intense summer heat. Try to time your lawn mowing schedule such that you aren’t removing more than 1/3rd of the surface with each cutting. It’s also a good idea to raise the height of the blades during the midst of the summer (allowing the grass to grow higher) to help the grass survive.

Mow When Grass is Dry

For the best, most consistent results, make sure to mow your lawn when the grass is dry. While mowing a wet lawn doesn’t cause any harm to the grass, it can lead to an uneven cut. In addition, wet grass can fill up and clog the deck of your lawn mower. To help protect the deck against this, if you have to mow a wet lawn, treat the underside with oil or silicone spray to help prevent the wet grass from sticking.

The Best Time of the Day to Mow

Mowing creates a lot of stress on a lawn. In order to help your grass rebound more quickly, try not to mow your lawn during the heat of the midday – this will cause it to lose a lot of water. Instead, do it during the early morning or late afternoon hours.

Change Up Your Mowing Pattern

Mowing in the same direction every time can actually create ruts and compact the soil, providing a lawn environment ripe for the growth of weeds. So change up your mowing pattern to keep the grass healthy all season long!


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