How to Make Sure Your Irrigation System is Ready for Winter

How to Make Sure Your Irrigation System is Ready for Winter
Don’t let winter freeze your irrigation system!

Though the winter season is getting underway, the time for gardening and landscaping is only just slowing down. After all, you may be running your irrigation system through the fall to ensure your lawn stays healthy year-round. But if your irrigation system is still holding water when the ground freezes in the winter, it can spell disaster for your whole system. Freezing water in your irrigation pipes, valves, and hoses can cause cracking and serious damage to the system, which can be costly and difficult to fix. Luckily, this is easily avoidable. Check out our tips for making sure your irrigation system is ready for winter, and set your landscaping up for another beautiful spring growing season.

Shut Down the Timer

If you have an automated irrigation system, it’s important to shut it down first and foremost. By shutting off control signals to the valves, you ensure that you have control over your irrigation system and can properly maintain the pipes and valves through the winter. The last thing you want is for the automated system to pump water into the pipes when the ground is freezing.

Drain the System

The most important thing to remember when winterizing your irrigation system is to drain it completely. By making sure there is no water remaining in the system, you can prevent serious damage from freezing water bursting the pipes or cracking other equipment. An automated irrigation system may have an option for draining the system, but you also may need to drain it annually. A landscaping professional can always inspect your irrigation system to make sure it’s ready for winter.

Protect Valves

When the water has been shut off and drained from your irrigation system, you should make sure that above-ground components are protected from freezing. You can insulate valves and other system components with protective foam tape and plastic bags to keep them protected. It’s also a good idea to keep on top of snow removal.

Insulate Main Shutoff

Your main shutoff valve is also an important consideration when winterizing your irrigation system. This component needs to be properly insulated, using the same materials as your other above-ground components, in order to ensure it will not be damaged by harsh winter weather conditions.


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