5 Tips for Planning Your Fall Garden

Fall Garden

If you’re planning on styling your garden to match the feel of the season, here’s how to plan out your fall garden.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. The brilliant colors of the leaves and mild temperatures turn the outdoors into an autumn wonderland. If you’re planning on styling your garden to match the feel of the season, here’s how to plan out your fall garden.

Plan Your Plants

Before you begin your project, consider the overall look and atmosphere you want to achieve with your design. Choose flowers and plants that best fit that theme, the structure of your landscape, as well as the fall temperatures. As newly planted flowers and plants are delicate, watch the weather reports for a couple of days of clear skies before getting started.

Water and Mulch

As the temperatures begin to cool, your fall garden will require fresh dirt and regular watering. Ensuring that the soil is properly saturated will help guard against air pockets and aid in the process of overwintering. Once we get deeper into the season, a fresh layer of mulch will help insulate your new plantings from the harsh weather.

Consider Trees

It may not have been something that you considered before, but adding trees to your landscape could bring the wow factor you’ve been looking for. Autumn is a great season to plant trees as the cool moisture is beneficial to helping them establish strong root systems. This creates a strong, well-grounded tree in time for spring when it will really begin to grow.

It’s Time for Bulbs

This tip is more about preparation for the upcoming seasons, but planting bulbs that bloom in spring is perfect for fall gardening. The brilliant colors that are soon to come will be your showstoppers. Planting your bulbs in the fall, allowing them to overwinter and go dormant in the coming months is just what they need for a spring renewal.

Don’t Forget About Hardscaping

When you consider the entire look of your garden, hardscaping can add a great impact to the overall look. A stone walkway leading around your garden or even a small pond could be just the elements you’re looking for to bring the entire look together.


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