5 Tips to Light Up Your Landscaping This Fall

5 Tips to Light Up Your Landscaping This Fall

A well-lit landscape isn’t just for visual effect, it can also be practical.

With the summer all but a distant memory and fall yet to hit its peak, pretty soon we will be leaving for work when it’s dark out and not getting home until its dark again. So, after a long day at the office what better sight to return to than your own illuminated landscape? A well-lit landscape isn’t just for visual effect, it can also be practical. During the colder months to come, ice and frost are sure to follow but proper lighting can mitigate any potential slipping hazards and guide you through any hazardous areas of debris and fast. Here are some tips to help you really light up and appreciate your landscape this fall.

Light up the Way

  • Light up your entrance: As the evenings get darker and longer, you want your guests to feel safe and welcomed. Make sure your porch and the path leading to it are well-lit.
  • Garden paths: A brisk walk along your garden path can be relaxing during the fall, as long you don’t trip along the way. Fortunately, there are lighting options. Some fixtures cast light on the path while others nestle in the garden bed, highlighting your most striking plants.
  • Highlight your foliage: The landscape elements you enjoy so much during the summer can continue to stand out during the fall evening hours with well-placed lighting.
  • Illuminated decks: Though the summer is over you can still enjoy your deck or patio during the fall. Install the right lighting on your deck or patio and you’ll extend your enjoyment well into the darker hours.
  • Holiday season: With the holiday season looming what better way to keep your guest’s safe than a well-lit driveway? As well as being practical, it also provides a welcoming glow to your home.

LED Lighting

The obvious benefit to lighting up your outdoors is the enhancement of your home’s look. With proper positioning, your outdoor lights can make the architectural features of your home stand out, creating an enchanting image after sundown. Switch to LED lighting! Not only are they brighter and longer lasting but also cost much more cost effective!


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