5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Residential Landscape Contractor

Residential Landscape Contractor

Finding the right residential landscape contractor means finding someone whose vision aligns with yours and has the skills to back it all up.

You may have made the decision to invest in services to get your lawn spruced up a bit, but it isn’t always clear how to find the right contractor for you. Working with a residential landscape contractor means that both parties must be on board with the same vision, resulting in a final look that is uncompromising in its beauty. Finding a landscaper usually entails doing plenty of online research, asking friends and family, and looking through portfolios of the work done by all of your potential contractors. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you’re going to need to ask a few major questions of each residential landscape contractor to decide which one is ideal for you and your project.

1. How Established Are You?

Experience can always tell quite the tale, so it’s important that you ask how long they’ve been in business. This is critical in finding a landscape contractor who actually has the skills and equipment to pull off whatever promises they can offer. An established landscape contractor is going to have a website with clear details on what services they offer as well as a portfolio of some of the projects they’ve worked on in the past.

2. Are You Fully Insured?

This is a question that doesn’t just apply to a residential landscape contractor, but any contractor who is going to be doing work in or around your home. However, it’s especially important with landscapers who may end up moving heavy plants or trees or even heavy operating machinery. In the event that anything gets damaged, you always want to know you’ve protected yourself.

3. How Long Will You Stay on Project?

It’s unlikely that you are the company’s only customer at any given point and landscapers can get busy, particularly around certain times of the year. That’s standard, but you do want to make sure you have a clear timetable of when your project is going to be complete. This ensures you aren’t waiting around with a half-finished yard wondering where your landscaper is.

4. What’s the Guarantee?

A quality residential landscape contractor is going to offer you some kind of guarantee or warranty. Separate warranties sometimes apply to specific plants, too. Make sure you inquire into what kind of guarantees the contractor can offer and determine whether or not those conditions are acceptable to you.

5. What’s the Installation Process?

Make sure you’re getting a clear outline of what the project is going to look like. This means what materials are going to be used, what processes are involved, and what you can expect out of the company in terms of needing changes on the fly or updating the plan. 


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