5 Care Tips for Your Summer Garden

Summer Garden

There are several different shortcuts that you can use to ensure the growth of your summer garden.

Taking care of your summer garden can be hot, miserable, and time-consuming. Luckily, there are many different shortcuts that you can use to streamline the process and ensure that your garden grows beautifully all summer long. Here are five of our best care tips for your summer garden. 

Invest in Great Garden Tools

Garden tools are very important, and they often mean the difference between spending an hour outside and spending three hours outside. Always invest in good quality tools like sharp pruning shears, a durable hose, good quality sprinklers, and an ergonomic hand cultivator. These tools will help you to care for your garden comfortably all summer long.  

Water, Water Everywhere

Summer in Maryland is hot and humid, so it is important to properly water your plants and garden. Every week, give your plants at least an inch of water total. Water early in the day so that the excess will evaporate over the course of the day and plants won’t dry out. Always water the base of the plant instead of the leaves.

Hold Off on Pruning

While it is fine to edge your lawn, mow the grass, and deadhead your flowers to encourage more blossoms to appear, save the major pruning for the spring. Never trim over a third of the grass blade at a time and always let your grass stay at least three inches tall during the summer.  

Fertilize as Needed

Fertilizer helps your plants to stay healthy and strong. If you need to fertilize your garden over the summer, look for the right fertilizer for what you are growing and place the fertilizer close to the base of the plants. They absorb nutrients through their roots, so sprinkling the fertilizer elsewhere won’t do much of anything.

Watch Out for Diseases

Insect infestations, fungus, and other plant diseases can all run rampant during the heat and humidity of summer. Keep your eyes peeled for any issues and treat them (or call in the experts) as quickly as possible.  

Garden Care from Honeysuckle Nursery and Design

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