What Makes Composite Decks So Awesome?

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Composite decks have risen in popularity in recent years thanks to their longevity, low-maintenance, and sustainable production methods.

It has been a beautiful year so far, but there’s been one little problem: lots of rain. For wood deck owners, this spells trouble. Wood decks have been the standard for many decades, but composite decks have grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Better Durability Than Wood

The problem with wood is that it’s a fully organic material that is susceptible to significant damage from basic weather patterns such as rain and snow. Wet wood tends to degrade, develop mildew, fade, and warp. While it can hold out for a while if it is carefully maintained, the bottom line is that composite decks are much more durable than wood decks.

Less Maintenance Than Wood

Wood decks need to be sanded, stained, sealed, and sometimes painted. This extensive maintenance routine needs to be done regularly to hold off degradation, rotting, and fading. With composite decks, all of this extra maintenance isn’t necessary. You can clean up your composite deck and maintain its beauty with a simple routine of soap and water.

Save Money in the Long-Term

The other benefit of being able to skip all of that extra maintenance is the money you’ll save in the long-term. The initial cost of a wood deck is lower than that of a composite deck, but the maintenance costs add up over the years. Re-staining, re-finishing, and re-painting the deck over and over to keep it lasting as long as possible will ensure that the cost eventually surpasses the cost of a composite deck. Eventually, the entire wood deck will need to be replaced, while the composite deck will keep standing and looking amazing.

Doesn’t Look Like Cheap Plastic

The artificial, plastic-looking decks are a thing of the past. Composite decks have the uncanny look of real wood, providing a stunning aesthetic without dealing with the drawbacks of solid wood. Composite decks are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style for superior functionality. In addition, composite decks can have matching caps installed to hide the screws and provide an even more elegant and luxurious feel.


Composite decking is made from sustainable, recycled materials. In fact, according to TimberTech, they use “up to 80% recycled materials in our capped composite decking, with 100% recycled wood and plastic materials in the core of our capped composite lines.” Composite decking is keeping hundreds of millions of pounds of waste out of landfills every year, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for more sustainable options.


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