Watch Out for These Poisonous Plants

Watch Out for These Poisonous Plants

As annoying as weeds are, there are other poisonous plants to keep an eye out for.

When it comes to preparing your garden and landscape for the fall, you need to be constantly vigilant. Unwanted pests like weeds will choke out your plants because weeds will soak up all the nutrients. As annoying as weeds are, there are other poisonous plants to keep an eye out for.

Poison Oak

Poison oak isn’t likely to be as common as poison ivy, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at. The problem with poison oak is that unlike the other poisonous plants on this list, it’s really hard to spot. You can’t see it because it’s good at blending in with its surroundings. Look for leaves that look like they have teeth or have been scalloped. Small white flowers will bloom on the leaves in the spring, which means that in the fall, poison oak is even harder to see, especially if it has invaded your home.


Oleanders are beautiful, but the problem is that they’re incredibly toxic. They appear as shrubs or small trees that will grow really quickly. If you want to add some oleanders to your garden or landscape, be sure to do it with caution. If humans or pets eat any of the leaves, it can make them sick. The other problem with oleander is that it will grow out of control if you don’t do anything to slow its growth.


Hydrangeas are also beautiful, and a huge benefit is that they aren’t hard to grow. Sadly, that makes them a quietly dangerous part of your garden. The flowers of a hydrangea can come in one of three colors: pink, blue, or white. They look great and are harmless to humans, but unfortunately aren’t harmless to your pets.


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