The Truth About Permeable Pavers

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If you’re considering permeable pavers as your paving choice, you may have encountered some of the many myths surrounding this material.

Settling on a paving choice for your hardscaping project can be a challenging task. There are many different options to create a landscaped space that is useable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re considering permeable pavers as your paving choice, you may have encountered some of the many myths surrounding this material. Read on as we set the record on permeable pavers straight.


Permeable surfaces are just as strong as other paving materials, and they can hold heavy loads and high traffic. Since they are permeable, they are less likely to suffer water or ice damage than other surface materials. 

ADA Compliance

Another myth is that it is hard to be ADA-compliant with permeable pavers, which isn’t true. Pavers are no different from any other type of option, and they certainly are strong enough and offer slip resistance when installed correctly. Our contractors know how to install them in compliance with the ADA.


When permeable pavers are installed correctly by an experienced contractor, it is no more or less complicated than any other type of paving material, as long as that other material is also being installed correctly. If someone tells you that it is harder to install permeable pavers, they are likely cutting corners on the material they’re pushing instead.


While permeable pavers are not maintenance-free, they are not any higher maintenance than other pavers. Some of the work they could need – sweeping, clearing leaves, weeding around them, clearing out ant hills – will be the same with any other type of paper. And some of the work of other pavers, like clearing snow or ice, may not be a problem at all, since water drains through them.

The Look

It’s not clear where the myth that all permeable pavers look the same even comes from because it is easy to disprove. Homeowners can look forward to a plethora of different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from when you decide to go with permeable pavers. And, just like other pavers, you can mix and match pavers to create intricate, beautiful patterns. 


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