Staying Warm in Winter: Fire Pit Safety Tips

Honeysuckle Nursery Fire Pit Safety

If you’re going to be lighting your fire pit this winter, make sure you’re practicing good fire pit safety, especially if there will be small children or pets around.

If you have a fire pit, winter is one of the best times to enjoy it. You can gather family and friends around the warmth of a comfortable bonfire and enjoy time outside even when the weather is cold, and there’s snow on the ground. It may seem like winter is a safer time to use your fire pit due to the cold and snow, but there are still important fire pit safety tips you should keep in mind before you light it this winter.

Keep Your Fire Pit in a Safe Area

If you have a hardscaped fire pit, your landscaper will design this carefully to mitigate the risk as much as possible. First, the pit needs to be at least 10 feet away from your home, and there should also be a minimum of 10 feet between the fire pit and any branches or vegetation. If you have a small, mobile fire pit, make sure to keep it at least 10 feet away from your home. In both cases, make sure there are no hanging branches or vegetation nearby that are a fire hazard. For permanent fire pits, clear branches away and move any plants that you’ve planted too close to the pit. 

Keep the Fire Contained

Once you’ve begun using your fire pit, you need to be diligent to keep the fire contained—even in winter. Avoid using fuels such as lighter fluid or gasoline in your fire pit. These cause huge flashes and run the risk of allowing the fire to get out of control very quickly. You shouldn’t need fuel to get a fire going if you have plenty of dry firewood. A little patience and know-how will go a long way in getting fires started in your fire pit. Do not use your fire pit if there are high winds—these will not only fuel the fire but have the potential to help the fire escape the pit and cause some serious trouble.

Keep a bucket of sand nearby whenever you’re using the fire pit. This is important because sand is a highly effective way of suffocating the flames, and may need to be used in a serious situation when the flames start to go out of control. The bucket of sand can also be used when you’re done using the fire pit and need to put out the fire. During the warmer months, you can also keep a hose or a bucket of water nearby, but in the cold of winter, a large bucket of sand is your best bet.

Most importantly, never leave the fire unsupervised. Always keep a close eye on your fire pit to ensure that everyone is practicing good safety and the fire is being kept at a reasonable height without serious risk of it spreading.

Protect Children & Pets

If you have children or pets near the fire pit, make sure someone is always watching them. Children and pets are notoriously curious, and they run the risk of being injured if they aren’t kept safely away from the fire pit. Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the fire pit. It’s understandable that it’s tempting to just allow them to get closer, but fire pits spit sparks, and fire can spread even in the best conditions, so keeping them at a safe distance is critical.


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