Should You Replace or Repair Your Concrete Hardscaping?

Concrete Hardscaping

Should you replace or repair your concrete hardscaping?

Great hardscaping can add beauty and utility to your property. Over the years, your concrete will withstand a lot of wear and tear from the elements and usage. The concrete hardscaping will end up becoming cracked and damaged, and you will have to think about whether to repair the damage or go with a full replacement. Usually, damage that is confined to a small area does not need to be replaced as a small repair project will suffice to get your concrete hardscaping looking like new again. However, there are three scenarios when a full replacement is your best option.

1. Sunken Concrete

The subgrade is the level of compacted soil underneath your concrete. When this subgrade is not properly prepared to handle concrete hardscaping, you may begin to notice unevenness in the slabs. This is usually the result of using loose dirt instead of properly compacted soil underneath the hardscape. The land will then begin to settle, causing the concrete to sink along the cracks or seams. Replacing the concrete hardscaping will allow this subgrade to be properly set up.

2. Frost Heave

Sometimes, moisture in the ground underneath the concrete will freeze, causing the concrete hardscaping to push up. This is known as frost heave, and it requires a full replacement because the problem starts with the subgrade.

3. Deep Cracks

Deep cracks in the concrete are the result of the weight of large vehicles on an improperly prepared subgrade. If the cracks spread throughout the concrete it needs to be replaced. Moisture may be able to enter the concrete through the cracks and cause even further damage as it freezes and thaws.
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