What Types of Plants Are Deer Attracted To?

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Any landscaped areas will be investigated by the deer this winter. Here’s what they will likely eat:

Knowing which plants deer are attracted to will help you know how to protect them better. Deer love many of  the things we love about landscaped lawns: fertilized plants, beautiful roses, and well-trimmed trees. Unfortunately, winter is the season deer start looking at vegetation in populated areas to eat. Their natural food sources are reduced during the winter months, making it hard to find food without interacting with humans. Any landscaped areas will be investigated by the deer this winter. Here’s what they will likely eat:

Fertilized Plants

Any plant that is fertilized grows faster, stronger, and has bigger flowers. It is no surprise deer love them, too. Additionally, fertilized plants usually mean the plants are well-maintained. That means the other plants around them are just as delicious. Save yourself a headache and talk to Honeysuckle Nursery and Design about ways to prevent deer from eating your fertilized plants.

Roses, Daylilies, and More

The centerpieces of most lawns’ centerpieces, the roses and daylilies, are at great risk of being eaten by deer. Their beautiful smells and colors attract them. Despite the thorny stems of rose bushes, deer will devour the bush in an afternoon. Look after your perennials by investing in tall wire fencing to wrap around your flowers to keep them safe. Deer can jump very high, so make sure your barrier is tall. 

Narrow-Leafed Evergreens

Any evergreen shrubbery, trees, or bushes with narrow leaves are in danger of being demolished by deer. Many cedars, firs, and arborvitae are narrow-leafed evergreens you may have on your property. These plants also do well in colder climates, making them the perfect food source for deer in the winter. 


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