Making Use of Retaining Walls in your Landscape

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls look nice, but also have a very useful role to play in maintaining your landscape.

Retaining walls are not often the first thing people think of when they dream up the perfect landscape. Most people recognize the utility and purpose of retaining walls – to hold in the soil and prevent soil erosion in your backyard. However, a well-designed and executed retaining wall can bring out the best in your landscaping and make your backyard the most picturesque part of your property. Retaining walls also have many uses that most homeowners haven’t even considered, particularly if great landscaping isn’t a worry for them. Here are the best ways to make use of retaining walls in your landscape.

Holding Back Soil

A retaining wall’s main purpose is to keep soil in its proper place. Soil easily slides downhill and can cause mudslides when there is too much rainfall. This is particularly problematic if your home rests downhill from a large collection of soil. Soil erosion can cause a lot of damage to your property if not taken care of properly. Retaining walls are able to help fix this problem. They are built with strong materials such as natural stone so that they can hold back hundreds of pounds of soil from destroying your property.

Planter Boxes

If you’re looking to get some nice flower boxes for your landscaping, it can get a little expensive. While retaining walls aren’t exactly cheap either, they can also be utilized as flower boxes with the right materials and the right flowers. Retaining walls that double as flower beds can make your landscaping more colorful and beautiful and add curb appeal. And the roots of the plants can also help aid the retaining wall in holding back the soil.

Slowing Down Water

Water problems can also affect a home downhill. When it rains, water can leak down into your basement which can lead to mold problems or even flooding and damage to your property. A retaining wall won’t completely fix the problem, but it can be a big help in preventing water from reaching your home.


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