How to Make the most of Your Small Garden

How to Make the most of Your Small Garden

Create a beautiful small garden this spring!

It may seem difficult to maximize garden space when the size of your outdoor space is limited. But you don’t need a huge yard to create a beautiful garden area. These tips will help you to do just that.

Use raised beds: You can add more room to your garden by raising the beds in container planters. Plus, you can use the lower area of the raised planters for garden tool storage.

Overflow: Using large planters filled with large, lush plants of all sorts can liven up your outdoor area, and even increase the privacy in your garden space.

Vertical planters: Arranging plants one on top of another, rather than across the space, will take up less space and can also be used to increase your privacy.

Hanging: You can maximize your planting space by hanging planters from a porch ceiling, creating great displays and livening up your porch space.

Functional arrangements: By arranging visually appealing—and edible—herbs, you can create an area of your garden that not only looks great but works for you as well.

Use pallets: One popular DIY trick for planting herbs is to lay a pallet on the ground and plant between the slots. This will keep your herb rows segmented—easier to keep track of while looking great. Alternatively, you could lean your pallet against a wall or fence and use stainless steel cable ties to secure planters to the rack for a great DIY vertical planter. Remember to check that the pallets you use are safe for food before planting in them!

Shutters: For more aesthetic planting arrangements, a DIY vertical planter can be found in a re-purposed set of shutters. Laid in the shade against an exterior wall, these work great for mosses and succulents.

Try smaller arrangements: Terrariums are a great, low-maintenance alternative to garden planting for those with extremely limited outdoor space. Ferns, moss, and air plants look great inside a glass terrarium.

Sun-seekers: Using sun-seeking, climbing plants to liven a space couldn’t be more simple. One stake in the ground is all you need to plant sweet autumn clematis or bougainvillea, which will climb walls to not only improve the sight of the space but trick the eye into thinking your garden space actually looks bigger.

Mix and match: Keeping the eye engaged will help your garden space seem big and exciting, and a great way to accomplish that is by mixing textures. Planters of different shapes and sizes, filled with plants of different types, will help add the variety you need to maximize the space.

Dwarf trees: These trees, which grow exceptionally well in large planters, will grow a maximum of ten feet tall—adding variety and breadth to the space without overwhelming it. Just remember to pick a robust dwarf tree that can survive two zones colder than you would normally since planters will freeze quicker than the ground.

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