Lawn Care Tips Just in Time for Fall

Lawn Care Tips Just in Time for Fall

Keep your lawn looking great this fall!

Can you believe that Labor Day is only a few weeks away? It feels like the 4th of July just happened. Now that September is almost here, it’s time to pay more attention to your lawn. Mowing the lawn all summer kept it looking nice, but once the cold comes you won’t need to do that anymore. Here’s what you can do instead.

Give Your Lawn Some Food

Our first lawn care tip involves feeding your lawn. After all, it has probably gotten enough water from all the rain that has come and gone during this long, hot summer. Your lawn needs food just as much as it needs water. Collect what you need right now, and start feeding your lawn once September rolls around. The food can help rejuvenate the roots underneath your lawn will also discouraging the growth of those pesky weeds.

Reseed Your Lawn

Adding some seeds to your lawn is also tremendously beneficial. Your kids and pets will still be out in the yard playing on the lawn until it gets dark. Your lawn will be even more worn out due to hot and dry conditions, even in the shade. Be sure to give your seeds enough water that they grow tall enough to start mowing.

Mow the Lawn

Ah yes, mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn feels like something you have to do every two weeks or so during the spring and summer. As long as the weather remains warm, you should continue to cut the grass the way you have been. Even the first few weeks of September will still be warm, so by the time October and November come around, you’ll probably be sick of mowing the lawn. The only difference is that you should cut the grass shorter by an inch or two until it’s time to stop at the start of December.


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