The Hottest Pool Design Trends in 2017

Pool Design Trends

Water features are always hot in pool design. What other trends are we expecting to take hold this season?

Thinking about having a new pool installed or some new features added to your existing pool this spring? Pools are the perfect backyard accessories during the spring and they can turn homes into the place to be in the neighborhood! A great pool design and installation will incorporate the latest and greatest features to ensure that you love your new pool for a long time. Here are what we anticipate to be the hottest pool design trends of the year.

Tile Choices

One aspect of a fashionable pool design is your choice for the tiles. Nowadays there are a lot of different choices available for tiles. Two tile materials, however, should take off in 2017. Mosaic tiles are aesthetically pleasing and are very versatile, giving you the opportunity to make your pool design truly unique. And glass tiles, which have been popular for a while, should retain its traditional popularity owing to its durability.

Sun Shelves

A sun shelf is a great idea if you’re looking for a good upgrade idea for your existing pool. It is a flat, shallow area of your pool that leads to the deep end. In particular, families with small children or disabled members can benefit from sun shelves.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Not only can they serve as a place to cool down during the summer, pools can also revitalize your body and reduce stress. Hydrotherapy jets use water, minerals, pressure, and temperature to help you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa without leaving the comfort of your home!

Pool Shapes

One way to truly make your pool design stand out is by choosing an irregular shape instead of the standard rectangle. L-shapes, ovals, octagons, and other shapes can blend in with and complement your landscape to create a beautiful visual effect.

Water Features

Waterfalls, fountains, and other water features complete the luxurious look and feel of your pool while also making it an oasis of calm. The sound of water flowing can help you truly relax in your pool area when you need a moment away from the busy outside world.


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