Hardscapes 101: A Guide to Choosing the Right Hardscape Features

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Today we’ll be providing a guide on choosing hardscapes. Honeysuckle Nursery & Design has so many upscale hardscape features that you can pick. It’s hard to know what’s right for your property. There are some fundamental considerations that you should jot down and keep in mind when it comes to hardscapes. Here they are. 

Evaluate Your Space

After deciding that hardscape features will enhance your landscape, you should assess your space. In the case of patio installation, underground utilities and sloping areas may be in the way. Also, consider the size of the space. Some hardscape features work better with bigger spaces. The point is that you never want a space to look too cramped. If there are any issues concerning your yard, our experts know what to look out for. We can always guide and advise you on how to make the most out of your space. 

Consider the Functionality of Your Space

Your outdoor living space should be undeniably beautiful. However, the best hardscapes are beautiful and functional. Always make sure to pick materials that are winning when it comes to durability and safety. For example, if you own a pool, permeable pavers are a safe option. When you step out of a pool, you shouldn’t worry about sliding or falling. As far as aesthetics, a homeowner shouldn’t have to worry about pavers fading to no return point. Pavers are excellent because if a few pavers ever become damaged (this is rare), you don’t have to replace an entire slab, only the individual paver(s) itself. 

Committing to a Budget

Many factors go into the pricing of hardscape installation. The material you choose, and of course, the service you want determines the cost as well as other factors. Installing a patio is going to be a much different process than installing a walkway. Create a comfortable budget and prioritize your plan, which brings us to our next point. 

Prioritize What You Want

Prioritizing what you want involves figuring out how elaborate you want your hardscape features to be. Some homeowners find a garden pathway to be exceptional, and other homeowners may wish to the works such as water features and outdoor kitchens. Ask yourself, “how luxurious do I want to be?”

Are you curious about all of the upscale water features that we have to offer? Contact Honeysuckle today. 


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