Flowers to Grow in Your Garden This Fall

Flowers to Grow in Your Garden This Fall

Believe it or not, there are flowers you can keep growing in your garden this fall.

Believe it or not, there are flowers you can keep growing in your garden this fall. If you didn’t think this was possible, then just try to raise these flowers. Read on to find out more!

Balloon Flowers

These blue flowers are also known by another name – the Chinese Bellflower. But the reason they are called balloon flowers is how they bloom. The buds inside the flowers puff up like popcorn kernels cooking and then you can see the bell-shaped flowers burst into view.

Sweet Alyssum

The sweet alyssum is a great addition to your fall garden. That’s because the fragrance is unique and can burst into white, pink, or purple petals. That look can be unexpected for this time of year, so turn it into a talking point during your next party.


Celosia flowers are also beautiful, and their leaves look like tiny fires popping up in your garden. Although it adores the sun, that doesn’t mean it will always produce the same effect. One variant, called the cockscomb, blooms into wavy flowers instead.


These flowers are nicknamed sneezeweed, but don’t let that name put your off from adding them to your fall garden. They’ve got pops of red, yellow, and orange, perfect for making a bonfire themed bouquet as late fall starts to tumble in.


These flowers feature yellow petals and a brown ring in the center, which makes them almost identical to sunflowers. These flowers are perennials that will start to bloom in midsummer but will keep blooming into the fall, which means you can pretend you’re growing a field of sunflowers in your backyard even into November.


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