Fire Pits Vs. Fireplaces: What’s the Difference?

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Adding an outdoor fire feature is a great way to enhance any outdoor living space.

Adding an outdoor fire feature is a great way to enhance any outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to simulate camping in the summer, warm up your outdoor space in the fall or spring, or add ambiance to your yard, both a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace would work. But what is the difference between them? How do you choose carefully, which is best for you?

What Is A Fire Pit?

A fire pit is a circular hardscape construction containing either a wood fire or a gas fire appliance. People often sit in a circle around it, so it has a more social feel than a fireplace. A fire pit allows for more seating around it and more interactive activities. But this also means it needs a much larger footprint area than a fireplace. Fire pits are open, like campfires, so they can’t be under roofs, and the smoke goes wherever the wind blows.

What Is An Outdoor Fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is what it sounds like: a full fireplace built outside instead of inside. Since it is a fully-constructed fireplace, it funnels the smoke up and away and is ideal with a chimney. It also can be positioned at the edge of an area like a patio. This position works since the back is flat, and people primarily sit in front of it. For this reason, it allows it to be a bit more space-saving than a fire pit. The chimney also means that it can be constructed as part of a pavilion. You can even use it in the rain. Finally, the outdoor fireplace looks a little more elegant, and the structure can be used for mounting other amenities, like a tv.

How Will You Use It?

How do you picture your new fire feature? Is it a backyard campfire with friends gathered around it to make s’mores? Or is it a regal looking backdrop to other activities that provides warmth and ambiance? Once you know how you plan to use it, you’ll be better able to choose your yard’s correct fire feature.


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