Eco-Friendly Landscaping Trends in 2022

Honeysuckle Nursery & Design Eco-Friendly Landscaping

There are several great eco-friendly landscaping options that are trending in 2022 to reduce environmental impact and support local wildlife.

As concerns grow over how our lifestyles impact the health of our planet Earth, new eco-friendly landscaping trends have begun to emerge. Clever, thoughtful, and visually unique garden and landscaping options are being embraced as many people step away from high-end new-material methods. These new trends use ingenuity and mindful practices to create spaces focusing on natural beauty and unique displays that awe and inspire.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardens

These gardens go well beyond pollinator support—they are designed to support all kinds of wildlife by providing food sources such as nectar and seeds, as well as shelter and other uses. These gardens become a safe haven for wildlife to gather, and they will invite some very interesting critters to your yard. Enjoy watching your local pollinators, as well as birds, bunnies, and many others, come around to partake in the bounty you have provided for them.

Low Carbon Landscaping

As we begin to appreciate the environmental impact of our modern world, many people are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint—this has caused a significant uptick in low carbon landscaping. This type of landscaping focuses on herb and vegetable gardens that allow a family to grow some of their own food. All components are locally-sourced whenever possible, from the seeds to the fertilizer in an effort to minimize environmental impact.

Drought Tolerant Plants

As the years go on, water continues to become a precious commodity that needs to be carefully rationed. Lawns and beautiful green gardens are a delight to look at, but they require a lot of irrigation to remain healthy and vibrant. Due to this, drought-friendly gardens are becoming more popular as people look for eco-friendly alternatives. Succulents, air plants, and cacti can be used to create an intriguing and unique garden that will have everyone talking. As an added bonus, these plants typically need minimal care—a good option for anyone too busy to maintain a standard garden or anyone who struggles with keeping high-maintenance plants alive.

Recycled Materials

Bringing in recycled materials is another eco-friendly trend in landscaping that is gaining more traction this year. From reclaimed wood to repurposed bricks, choosing recycled materials for your landscaping designs, such as retaining walls or fire pits, can make a big impact. By foregoing new materials whose processing is currently causing harm to the environment, this environmentally friendly landscaping trend considers the health of the Earth first and utilizes old materials to foster new life.


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