How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! Do you have your tree yet?

With so little time left until Christmas, you should probably already have your tree. If not, here are some tips to help you find the perfect tree, even at the last minute!


One of the first things you will need to think about for your Christmas tree is where you are going to put it. When choosing a spot, make sure it will be safe from pets, children, and electrical hazards.

Measure Everything

Next, you will need to grab your trusty tape measure. Measure the spot where you would like to put your Christmas tree. Note the location of electrical outlets, furniture, and other things in the space. It is also important to note the height of your ceiling. If your tree is too tall, it’s not going to look very nice!

The Branches

Most Christmas trees are grown to be full and lush, but this can make it difficult for ornaments to hang straight. If you prefer your ornaments to hang straight, bring an unbreakable ornament with you when you’re shopping for your tree. Look for trees with a bit more space between the branches and hang your ornament on several trees until you find one that you like.


Once your tree is home and placed where you want it, trim any straggling branches or branches that may be pushed up against furniture. You may also need to trim the top a bit, depending on what you intend to top your tree with (star, angel, etc.) If your Christmas tree is at a risk for being jostled by children or pets, you should secure it so that it can’t fall.


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