Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree this Season

Illuminated Christmas Tree

A good Christmas tree should be healthy, last the entire season, and, most importantly, bring holiday cheer to your family and guests!

It’s that time of the year when families are going out and picking a Christmas tree to display in their homes! Going out and choosing a Christmas tree is a tradition that many parents will pass on to their children. Do you know how to choose the right tree for your home? Today we’re going to give some pointers on how to pick a great Christmas tree that will brighten the spirits of all who visit your home this season.

Live Trees Are the Only Way to Go

Many families have forgone the tradition of cutting a live tree and instead are installing artificial trees. While there are some benefits to going artificial, especially for those with tree allergies, the best way to get the distinct, pleasant evergreen smell and feel is to go with a live fresh-cut tree. Though they require some prep work and special care, live trees are the only way to get a completely traditional feel this holiday.

Live Tree Varieties

Live Christmas trees are generally of the pine or fir species. Pine trees have long, slender needles and are shaded yellow-green to blue-green. They have strong branches and retain their needles well. Fir trees have flat and waxy needles that are shorter than pine needles. Fir trees have more flexible branches and have a distinctive fragrance. Choosing the right variety will depend on your personal taste as well as which region you live in.

Shopping Tips

When you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree, keep these things in mind.

  • Give the tree a slight shake. A few falling brown needles shouldn’t cause any concern, but falling green needles indicate a dry tree.
  • Look for a full, symmetrical shape and check any branches low to the ground which may need to be removed to fit a tree stand.
  • Bring rope and bungee cords and anything else you need to transport the tree home!
  • Cut a half-inch thick disk from the base so that water can flow into your tree while on display.

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