Cat-Friendly Landscaping Tips

Cat-Friendly Landscaping Tips

Keep your feline friend safe and happy outside this summer!

Adapting your landscaping to accommodate the interests of your pets is something that is becoming more popular. Often this is more targeted at dogs, who have clear interests. If you’re looking for ways to improve your cat’s entertainment through landscaping, there are several steps you can take.

Sun Escapes

Unlike dogs, who are most interested in running room, cats like being able to hide and explore. Adding shade plants and shrubs with cat-sized ground clearance will give them a cool place to nap on hot days and a fun area to explore. If you’re looking for a feature that both you and your pets will love, adding canopy or awning on your patio will give coverage from the sun and rain that your whole family will enjoy.

Pay Attention To Plants

As you consider the plants to include in your yard try incorporating ones that cats are fond of. Catnip is an obvious choice, but lavender, cat thyme, and valerian are all also wonderful options. These plants all have the potential to produce beautiful, fragrant blooms if allowed, adding them to your yard will be as aesthetic as well as cat-friendly choice. It’s also important to pay attention to what plants are poisonous to felines. Tulips, for instance, are common yet toxic is eaten. If you do wish to have these plants, try adding them in areas your cat is less likely to go.

Kitten Playgrounds

Younger, more active cats need plenty of exercise and entertainment, which can sometimes lead to a shredded garden. It might be a good idea to have an area set aside for kitten playtime. Leave the grass longer and make a few log-based scratching posts to keep your active kitten entertained.


One of the most significant concerns is safety for your cat from anything that might cause it harm. Fencing is an excellent place to start. While your cat may see your fence as little more than an inconvenience, other animals that could harm it will be less inclined to intrude. If you are concerned with fencing to keep your cat in, high fencing away from trees and other landscaping with a row of mesh or netting at the top may be effective. Along with fencing, you may need to take precautions to prevent your cat from entering specific areas. In general, cats don’t like walking over sharp objects like stone chip gravel, this can be used to keep them away from particular features such as poisonous plants.


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