4 Spring Maintenance Tasks for your Patio

Spring Maintenance Patio

Keep your patio looking sharp this spring with these tips!

Backyard patios are highly valued by homeowners not just because they’re a fantastic place to spend a spring or summer evening, but also because they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Usually, you’ll only have to sweep or wash it every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh for your family and guests! However, it is worth taking a closer look at your patio a few times a year to see if it may need additional maintenance or some repair work. The beginning of spring is a great time to do this since your patio just survived the harsh winter! Here are four things to check for as you examine your patio.

1. Inspect the Edges

All of your patio stones or pavers should be in their proper place. If the space between pavers is widening, you should have it repaired before any additional damage results. If there are edge restraints, make sure they’re still holding up well.

2. Level the Surface

Have some of the pavers begun to settle unevenly? The soil underneath may have shifted or compacted, causing the surface of the patio to become uneven at points. These should be fixed to remove any safety risks.

3. Cleaning Surface Stains

A nice washing can make any patio look great! But make sure to use the proper technique in accordance with the paver manufacturer’s directives. A power washer may actually do some damage by washing out joint sand, so be sure to use another method like a garden hose. Alternatively, you could also use a brush with some warm water and a little liquid cleaner.

4. Sealing the Patio

You should seal your patio once every three or four years to enhance its appearance and protect it from the elements. If you think your patio might be due for resealing, make sure to use a product specially designed for your patio material!


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