4 Fall Landscape Design Trends for 2017

4 Fall Landscape Design Trends for 2017

New design trends for 2017 will give you some guidance about how to create the landscaping look of your dreams.

Looking for some design inspiration for your outdoor space? New design trends for 2017 will give you some guidance about how to create the landscaping look of your dreams. Although spring is the season most known for doing landscaping projects, don’t forget that fall provides plenty opportunities to enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space by following some of the most popular trends of the season.      

Modern Aesthetics

Draw inspiration from the elegant, rich, and warm colors of the season by incorporating them into your tree, flower, and shrub selections. What will make your plants modern is the style and grouping of your selections. This means sleek lines and clear groupings with a focus on contemporary arrangements and simplicity.    

More Lighting

As the days start to get shorter and filled with more darkness, lighting on your landscape will be that much more important. LED lighting, in particular, is very environmentally friendly and will save you money as the bulbs last much longer than other alternatives. Enhanced lighting will allow you to highlight the design features of your landscape for a longer time, and provide safety as children play after school.

Natural Materials

Using materials that are low maintenance and blend in with the natural aspects of your landscape is a popular trend for fall. This includes materials that mimic the look of natural elements, including wood and stone. Synthetic leather is especially durable, and the color will blend in nicely with your plant and tree arrangements, while moss-covered elements are rustic and serene.

Fire Features

Incorporating fire features into your landscaping is a popular trend this fall because it extends the amount of time you are able to spend outdoors as it will enhance the comfort of your family and guests. Technology gives homeowners the ability to program these features or even use an app to turn them on and off.  


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