3 Tips for Winter Lawn Care

3 Tips for Winter Lawn Care

Read on to find out more about these winter lawn care tips., including how to aerate your lawn.

It doesn’t seem like winter will end anytime soon. While you might you think the punishing cold is far from your idea of a good time, consider how your lawn feels. Read on to find out more about these winter lawn care tips.

Use Some Fertilizer

You will want to make sure your lawn can survive until spring. So, our first lawn care tip focuses on fertilizer. Using fertilizer becomes much easier when you have a spreader on hand. The spreader has a trigger on it. Imagine that you are playing paintball or laser tag and distribute as much fertilizer as you can. But as you do, pay attention to the directions that came on the package, and make sure that you don’t overdo it and use way too much fertilizer.

Give the Roots Air

For our next lawn care tip, we’ll consider the roots. The roots of your lawn will only thrive if they get enough air. Once they are buried until all the ice and snow that winter brings, they might not be able to breathe. Give the roots air through a process known as aeration. Dig some holes in your yard with a spade or a shovel and you will be able to plant some new seeds.

Try Different Grass Seed

If you’re looking to do something unconventional with your lawn, try using slightly different grass seed. Find grass seed labeled “cool weather” or something similar. The best part of using grass seed is that it is easy to spread. All you need to use is the spreader you used for the fertilizer. But when you go to add the seeds to your lawn, be sure to do it neatly. Otherwise you might end up with unsightly clods of grass everywhere.


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